12/19/2018 Update

Contents in today’s update

  • Update on closure activities
  • Request for updated address information
  • Announcement of Winter Farmers Market

To all Co-op Owners,

The Co-op Board is working toward an orderly shutdown of the business. This is the latest in a series of status updates to keep you informed about our progress.

The three principles that guide our actions are:

  1. That the process should be transparent.
  2. That the disposition of Co-op assets should be administered by an impartial third party.
  3. That we want to minimize the costs involved and maximize the amount of assets that are returned to owners.

Update on closure activities

Here is the latest information on our activities:

  • We continue to collect the information required by our attorneys for the bankruptcy filing. This includes finalizing our financial records for 2018 and updating our owner list. We expect to complete this activity in time to do the filing by the end of December.
  • We sold a walk-in cooler purchased for the store. This adds $1,000 to our cash assets.
  • Additional information about the bankruptcy process is posted on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Help us update our owner list

Early in 2019, the bankruptcy trustee will send a notice to all owners, informing us about important deadlines and how to file a claim. We want to make sure everyone gets these notices. If your address has changed in the last several years, please complete our change of address form to ensure we have your correct information.

Winter Farmers Market planned

Board member Dan Fleming sends this notice about a new Winter Farmers Market being planned for January through March, 2019.

Several local farm food producers as well as consumers have indicated interest in a winter farmer’s market in Columbus. (I am one of them.) I have been in contact with John Counceller, owner of the new strip mall on the 1500 block of Central Avenue Columbus. He has agreed to let a group of us use the indoor space at the north end of the mall (the site previously intended for use as the Columbus Food Co-op grocery).

Life seems to get back to normal after the holidays by the middle of January and ramped up activity starts for farmers by the middle of March. Therefore the schedule for participation will be Saturdays, 9 am-noon, from January 19th through March 23, 2019.

Vendors have been urged to commit to be present at least 7 of the 10 scheduled Saturdays. We know that customers need to count on vendors being there if they are going to make the trip.

Please spread the word, and we hope to see you on Saturdays January 19th through March 23.

Direct questions to

Dan Fleming


(H) 812-376-3937,  (Cell) 812-343-3358


We will publish another update as new information becomes available. Please direct any questions to info@columbusmarket.coop or leave a comment below.

In cooperation,

Mike Johnston

Co-op Board President

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